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Jelly Roll Rug

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The Jelly Roll Rug was design by Roma Lambson for R.J. Designs. This is a nixe size area rug at 30" x 44" and even though the Jelly-Roll is actually marketed by a particuliar fabric company, they are actually just cute 2 1/2" strips of fabric which could be rolled or folded and consist of 4-42 strips per bundle depending which fabric company that you purchase your strip set.  Here at Hat Creek Fabrics & More we were to 40-42 bundles as "Strip Sets" and 24 piece bundles as "Half Strip Sets".  One bundle of 40 strips is required to make the size rug in the pattern, however, as the master of your own destiny, you may choose to use more or less fabric strips and make your rug custom size.  Bosal Katahdin precut batting strips at 2 1/4" and they will save you time as you will not need to cut from a large piece of batting.  The batting roll is also 100% organic cotton and folds nicely. We do have a magic trick up are sleeve on this one so be sure to ask about the Jelly Roll Sasher and what it can do to help you speed up process.  This handy tool is a real gem! You will also need a size 14-18 Jeans Needle when sewing this pattern as you will be stitching through some serious layers fabric and batting. You choice on thread is where the real magic happens because you can select to blend or to make a major impact!  The most important note on this pattern is that your sewing machine must be able to make at least a 5mm zig-zag stitch.  Some find it hard to spend the money on pre-cut strips to make this rug because they find it too expensive to use but I have a solution for you. Select yardage that you like, whether it's one wild print or several colors and make your own strip set.  You can accomplish this rug with 3 yards of fabric in lieu of pre-cuts. Maybe you even have some scraps you would like to bust! We would love to see what you used to make your rug so tag us on Instagram at @hatcreekfabrics or use the #hatcreekfabricstx


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