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Weekly News


It's been a few months now since the shop has been open, we are growing and I am excited about the ladies who are teaching classes here.  We have Anna, who lives in Conroe and is not only an amazing quilter but a lovely person.  She brings joy and excitement to the shop anytime she is here.  You will find Anna here on Monday and watch the calendar for her schedule of classes.  Next is Rochelle, who is from South Dakota with the cutest accent ever and very witty. She is usually in the shop on Thursdays and you will see her on the calendar right now with t-shirt quilting classes.  Wallie is a recently found treasure who brings us free motion quilting, miniatures and the origami bag.  I do believe she has more things up her sleeve so keep any eye on our newsletter so see what she is up to next!  Last but not least is Judy, who is a dear friend and serves as an additional grandmother to my boys. Her kindness and sense of humor are so much fun, you will definitely want to spend time with her at open sew or at one of her upcoming classes.

The next person I would like to mention is LynnLi and you may have met her already if you come in on a Friday or a Saturday.  I have known LynnLi since 3rd Grade and I can tell you I trust her with my life. It started out that she would just run the register on busy days for us but her skills are expanding.  She has really came along on her sewing has completed several quilt tops at this point, with one she just got bound this last week.  She doesn't cut yet, but she is good with color and she paints beautifully, so never fear in asking her advice on combining fabrics and patterns. We can always count on her for a hilarious story!

Quilt shops all across the country are closing. 
The internet is difficult to compete with as well as big chain stores, however, there is power in small groups.
The friends you meet, the classes and workshops you take bring joy to each others lives.
Many people sew in a group because at home, they are alone. Maybe they have moved here from another state and they are looking to make new friends. Maybe a spouse has passed and they are looking for others who are in their position and in that they find support and comfort.  Everyone single person you meet, has a story.  They joy of this shop is that I get to hear those stories and become a part of people's lives.
Reach out, be a part of something, a bee, an open sew, a workshop because
YOU can be so important in the life of someone you meet!

I strongly believe our storms help others because anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.
It's those of us who have been in a Category 5 Hurricane that have to be the Lighthouse to those around us.

Come on in and get inspired!

Those folks that ordered the Martelli Mats---I will email and post on social media when they arrive.
You will be able to pick them up at your convenience. They usually get here quick.

Workshops & Events

This Week
**Please note: To sign up for a class just click the class name, it will be in purple with a line underneath
and it will take you to the website to pay for you space.

This week we have Open Sew on Tuesday & Friday, which usually starts around 10:00a.m.
and goes until about 4:00p.m., There's not really a set time, just call to check how many are in the room or come early to get a space. It's great fun and a lot of laughs.

On Tuesday, September 17, 2019, Mr. Hayward Irwin stops by about 11:30 to sharpen scissors, knives, garden shears, even axes! I just would like to mention, Mr. Irwin is a retired man who travels on a schedule to do this as a convenience. It costs you $4.25 per pair of scissors or per knife to have your stuff sharpened.
Support a local man and his family.

Drop your scissors to me in a ziploc or brown paper bag with your name and phone number on Monday (anytime) Tuesday (am) and you pick them up after! He leaves you a bill and you need to pay by check or cash. Last month, he had one pair and that's just not even funny, it wasn't worth his time. 
Let's get this thing done, don't forget!

On Thursday. September 19, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. we are going to have some 60 Degree Fun! 
This workshop requires a good, consistent .25" seam for piecing strips. We will be making strip sets, then cutting 60 degree triangles. Proper pressing technique and preparation are important. The assembly is key for perfect nesting and points.
You will need a 24" ruler with a 60 degree marker, rotary cutter, pins, 10 - 2.50" strips of fabrics. Whether you coordinate or contrast is your preference. You will also need your machine, thread, seam ripper and any other notions you like to have close by while sewing.
Click HERE to RSVP.

On Saturday, September 21, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. we are going to DROP THOSE FEED DOGS!
When it comes to free motion quilting on your domestic machine, once you drop those feed dogs you have to be clear that you are in control of the machine. It is not in control of you! That is what this workshop will cover, how to tame that machine and conquer your fear of free motion quilting.

2 Fat Quarters, 1 Solid or Tone on Tone, 1 Busy.
You will take these 2 fat quarters and lay them in front of you with the long side horizontal
and cut then in half. Approximately, do not freak out on measuring, just eye ball it.
You will then have 4 sandwiches when you add batting. Baste, which means sew around all four corners.
Seam allowance you say? Anywhere from one eigth to one quater, seriously, put any OCD in your pocket for this workshop. You have to have an open mind, don't stress, find your center, CHI, or whatever. Ha!
 80/12 Topstitching or Quilting Needles, 50wt Good Quality Thread such as Aurifil or Wonderfil,
Machingers, and Super Slider.
All purchases at Hat Creek Fabrics will receive 10% discount for class supplies.
All suplies will be readily available on the morning of class.
You may come in as early as 9:00 a.m. to set up, select, prepare and get centered before Wallie arrives!

On Monday, September 23, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. join me for WALKING FOOT WORKSHOP where we learn how to take that bulky gadget, get it on our machine correctly....Katrina, that's for your benefit, honey! Love you. Anyway, if you come to class you will hear the story.  Regardless, it's time to for you tackle the walking foot! After a little understanding on needle/thread combinations, machine settings and a few fat quarter sandwiches for practice you will feel comfortable to quilt small projects with something more than a stitch in the ditch.

The results from this class are always amazing and it continues to be
my most popular and most requested workshop!

We need to make 3 Fat Quarter Sandwiches
That Means 6 Fat Quarters
Solid or Tone on Tone
3 Pieces of Fat Quarter Sized Batting
(We have for sale here in the shop)
Brand New Needles 80/12 Topstitching Superior Titanium
50 Wt Thread 100% Cotton, Silk Finish, Preferablt Aurifil or Wonderfil
Christa Watson's Walking Foot Book will be
Available HERE for you to Purchase on
(The reason, in the past several find out about the book, try to get ahead and take over the class. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up. Student's trying to teach other student's never works and someone may get upset. It's respectful to all be on the same playing field. 

On Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. it's T-Shirt Quilting with Rochelle.
The sample is up in the shop and we would love to have you sign up. 
The book/pattern we will be using is available for purchase in shop.
It is required along with shape-flex stabilizer.  
Join us for a fun filled day of assembly on a fabulous pattern that will introduce you to the world of t-shirt quilting.
This is the ultimate gift and now is the time to make the leap and learn with new friends.


Choose your t-shirts. 
The pattern we are using will take 12 or 16 t-shirts depending on the size of the
t-shirts and the size of the quilt you wish to make.  See the chart for sizes and supplies in the book.
Wash and dry your t-shirts.  No softeners in washer or dryer.
Split the t-shirt down the middle of the back of the t-shirt if only using the front of the t-shirt.
If you are using the front and the back, split the t-shirt under the arm.
Layout a cut t-shirt.  Using the t-shirt ruler, lay your t-shirt ruler over the graphics and determine what you want to show on the quilt.  For this design you want your t-shirts to all be the same size.
**So if you have a t-shirt that is larger than the rest that you want to use in your quilt,
cut the rest of the shirts the same size.
You will need ½ yard fusible stabilizer per shirt.  Cut your stabilizer 1” larger than your cut t-shirt on all sides.  SHAPE-FLEX AVAILABLE IN SHOP!

Using a t-shirt pressing sheet (works best), place the t-shirt on the ironing board upside down with the stabilizer centered over it and the t-shirt pressing sheet on top of that.  Following the directions on the stabilizer package, press the stabilizer to the t-shirt. Never iron directly on the front of the t-shirt, as the graphics will melt and distort and mess up your iron.

Do this with ALL of your chosen t-shirts.

Last but definitely not least...

On Saturday and Sunday, September 28th & 29th we will be venturing in to the world of Photos on Fabric
Sandi will be showing us how to take a photo from a flash drive and print onto fabric, we will have printer and computer in the classroom! You will be able to add words, dates, whatever you would like. After we all get designed and printed, we will allow to dry and return on Sunday afternoon to border out our photo with frame! We will then bind and add a quilt sleeve for hanging.  This is probably one of the coolest things I have seen lately and I hope you take advantage of having a special teacher here to show you something that you would love to give as gifts this holiday season. She will also show you options on making pillows and binder covers as well with photographs on fabric. I can tell you this....I am so gonna be in this class!

Photo Fabric is Available in Shop, it is not expensive. Also, you need to select a good quality photo or two and put them on a flash drive or maybe you call it a thumb drive, possibly even a memory stick.


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