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Weekly Buzz

 Good morning,

Just a little housekeeping on policies and procedures. The shop is growing and I wanted to touch on a few things for clarification.  We do not have machines available to provide for use during classes.  If you are participating in a class please bring your own machine as well as thread, needles, scissors, rotary cutters and ruler. You are welcome to bring a drink and a snack, even a lunchbox. I just ask that you have a lid on your cup.

I am a small business owner, when you come in the shop, you have the janitor all the way to the CEO. I’m it. I love fun and excitement. I would rather spend my time being creative and inspiring your next project.  With that said, it's obvious my shop is not a chain store...I don’t get massive bulk discount on inventory because I have stores across the US.

Here is what I offer that a big chain cannot:

I will open early or stay late for you. That means if I see you in your car, I let you in or if you are trying to make it by close, call me...I will wait! I help you select fabric colors and I sometimes spend a lot of time calculating what you need for borders, backing and binding. Do they do that? No. I help you cut if you need it, I provide the best customer service and I care about you and your project. I have open sew two times a week. If you want a class or ask us to teach something we try to make it happen. You cannot get that at the big chain store. Maybe I can’t sell below 10-20% off because I am just a mom and pop type store but I can tell you this, if you need my help I have been and will be here for you. Please consider that next time you complain that my pack of needles is 50 cents more than the big guy...I work really, really hard every single day and I believe I earn full price. I am worth full price. I offer a rewards program and offer special deals as much as I can.

Please consider these things when you are in a small shop and think of making a comment that hurts the owner. Just food for thought because small shops offer high quality cotton, not cut rate price and quality. There is a difference in a product that will become an heirloom and last.

I have some items I would like to move as follows:
Sullivans fold-up sewing table retails at $199.99, I will sell for $129.00;
Metal flower cone thread holder that retails for $64.50 and is super cute (it holds to spools) and I will take $39.99;
Last Wafer I light box that retails for $175.00 and I will take $119.00;
I have some Bohin safety and applique pins marked 40% off;
and tomorrow, Monday only I will have all books and patterns on sale for 25% off!

The following classes listed below, you can sign up by clicking on the name of the class to go to the sign up page on my website! It will open in a new window for you.

It's finally here! T-Shirt Quilting with Rochelle. Join us for a fun filled day of assembly on a fabulous pattern that will introduce you to the world of t-shirt quilting. This is the ultimate gift and now is the time to make the leap and learn with new friends. We have two dates to choose from. We also have a T-Shirt Prep Party that will precede your actual sewing day. 

Cost: $ 50.00
Hat Creek Fabrics & More is about to embark on a Quilter's Tour of The Globe! Let us be your guide as we take you to exciting countries around the world and create a quilt at each stop.

Cost: $ 59.99

Mr. Hayward Irwin drops by each month for all of your sharpening needs. He will sharpen scissors for $4.25 a pair. He also sharpens knives, shears and other gardening tools. Please drop off your blades the day prior to his arrival and pick them up after 2:00 p.m. on his scheduled sharpening date.

*this is a courtesy service, you must bring exact change or a check to pay him. I do not collect credit card payments for him.

It's time to move away from those simple squares. Let's spend an afternoon working with triangles and create something so unique and functional. This project requires 5 Strips at 2.5" and additional 2 Strips would be for binding. That's a total of 7 Strips Only for your top and binding. This is a three hour workshop and you should be able to make two table toppers if you bring enough fabrics. Think about this, a 20 pc. strip set will make 4 table toppers!

When it comes to free motion quilting on your domestic machine, once you drop those feed dogs you have to be clear that you are in control of the machine. It is not in control of you! That is what this workshop will cover, how to tame that machine and conquer your fear of free motion quilting. SUPPLY LIST: 4 Fat Quarters, 2 Solid or Tone on Tone, 2 Busy, 80/12 Topstitching or Quilting Needles, 50wt Good Quality Thread such as Aurifil or Wonderfil, Machingers. All purchases at Hat Creek Fabrics will receive 10% discount for class supplies.
Cost: $ 40.00
It's time to tackle the walking foot! After a little understanding on needle/thread combinations, machine settings and a few fat quarter sandwiches for practice you will feel comfortable to quilt small projects with something more than a stitch in the ditch.

Cost: $ 40.00

We have a special class that will show you how to design and print on fabric sheet with an inkjet printer. This is a two part class and will take place over two days as the process for printing, drying and heat setting the fabric will require additional time than just one class setting. Session 1: Photo editing, designing and printing. You will need to bring a 4x6, 5x7, 6x6, 7x7 or 8x8 photo on a flash drive aka thumb drive. We will design, edit and print your photo. Session 2: Construction of the project.


We will be working monthly on building blocks as close to perfection as we can get! Each month we will be constructing 12.5" blocks. These focus on stars and would create a beautiful scrappy quilt once all blocks are completed. Each month you will construct one block with the assistance of an Instructor. You will work on making .25" seams and perfect pressing. This workshop will occur monthly and will include a fabric kit and pattern.

Cost: $ 34.99

We will begin 12.5" block construction monthly. This is not for the faint of heart! Let's sharpen our skills and create beautiful blocks. We will be working one block per month with an instructor. You will be given a pattern, a fabric kit and you will complete one block together as a group. This will be a monthly class and will be first come, first serve. There will be no holds for seating without payment. 

Cost: $ 34.99

This will be the final meeting of the year! We will finish with a gorgeous strip set and pattern that I chose earlier in the year. Remember, you receive your strips and the pattern. What you do with the background and borders are up to you. That's where all the fun of strip club comes in because when we get back together it will blow you away at all of the differences between each quilt!

Cost: $ 39.99

Take your skills to the next level and make an advanced project! Miniatures are a great way to show off your skills and techniques as well as a practice your machine quilting no matter if it is by walking foot or free motion. You will enjoy spending the day with Wallie Yerigan and enjoy spending the day with new friends.

Cost: $ 40.00
This is a spectacular fat quarter friendly project! A drawstring bag that can be used for so many different items. The gift giving season is on it's way and you are sure to love this project. Any fabric, any occasion...

Cost: $ 25.00
Sales: All sales are final. We do not accept returns on cut yardage, patterns, or any other item purchased. I know it’s hard to believe but people have been known to buy patterns, make a copy, then return. Bottom line, that is theft. On fabric, if you have me cut two yards, then bring it back, I have to find someone who wants exactly what you had me cut, the odds of that are slim.  Fabric selection is a personal and individual decision so make your selection carefully as once you have paid for the item, it now belongs to you. If you break an item after purchase, it can not be returned for store credit, cash or credit.


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