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Workshop Policies Clarification

Class Policies

Changes Effective July 25, 2019

Please read and understand the following before registering for a class. I enjoy almost every aspect of being in the shop and my favorite is bringing you fun events and classes.   I sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to having you in the classes. Recently, I have been struggling with being taken advantage of with participants arguing my policies. This has become enough of an issue that I have reviewed the current policies and have made changes effective today. Clear communication is key and going forward there will be strict adherence to the policies.  There is a link on the website to the class policies as well as copy to be posted in the classroom. This is not my favorite part but it is necessary.

                                                                                            Thank you,

General Rules:

1. Class fees must be paid in full at the time of registration to reserve your spot. Space is reserved on first-come, first-serve basis. All classes are available for online sign up, you may also come by and sign up in person. If you call to sign up online and request us "type-in" your credit card, there will be a 3% charge to cover the fee for "type-in", this is the surcharge I have to pay for not swiping the card.

2. Supply lists will be available online on the same screen where you register for class, just scroll on down to see the list of supplies.  Most classes also have sample quilts displayed in the shop.

3. Class fees are for instruction only and do not include materials for class, unless otherwise stated.
**Instructors earn 100% of class fee, Hat Creek Fabrics does not take any commission from the instructor.

4. With that said, once you have enrolled in a class and paid the Instructor’s Fee you have the opportunity to purchase “CLASS SUPPLIES” at a 10% discount. On the day of class, this does not mean that 10% applies to everything in the shop. Discounts are not for future projects, they are for the current class you are enrolled.

5. Most classes have a pattern, book, or specialized tool requirement. These will be noted on the supply list. Each student must have the required supplies, tools and a LEGAL copy of the pattern or book. You cannot share with a friend and try to avoid a pattern purchase as this a violation of the pattern writer’s copyright. Please bring your pattern and/or book to class. It takes one person to make a report to the pattern designer and it places Hat Creek Fabrics & More in a position of being sued. Anyone without their of own copy of a pattern or book required for a class will not be allowed to stay for the class and no refund will be given.  Again, the Instructor expects to be paid for the number of seats sold whether or not the attendee is actually in the seat.

6. Students are required to bring; 1) a sewing machine in good working order, 2) machine accessories, & 3) basic sewing supplies to each class; unless otherwise stated. You should be familiar with the operation of your machine before class, please bring your manual if in doubt. The Instructor for your class is there to teach that technique or subject matter, they are not available to make adjustments, repairs or do maintenance on machines.

8. Some classes require a small amount of homework prior to the class. Please arrive prepared so that you can start on the fun part right away!

9. Class will start on time, so please arrive at least 10 minutes early and be set up and ready to go.

10. If you bring your cell phone to class please be considerate of others and put it on vibrate/silent prior to class. Please refrain from wearing perfumes, as some people have allergic reactions to scents. Also, if you bring a drink, please use a container with a lid.

11. If there is nothing scheduled in our classroom after your class ends, please feel free to stay and use the space to continue working on your project until the shop closes.

12. All items on the class supply list are eligible for a 10% discount (not to be combined with other offers). We encourage you to purchase your class supplies at Hat Creek Fabrics & More,  so that we may continue to bring you fun, innovative and exciting classes.

We appreciate your support of our shop!  It is important that you respect any shop you are in when taking classes meaning that it is disrespectful to encourage others to place orders online. Most every quilt shop depends on your patronage in buying class supplies as the fee you paid goes to your Instructor.


1. Most classes have a minimum enrollment (usually 3 students). If the class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you will be notified and all course fees will be returned in full (your choice of a refund or store credit).

2. If you can't attend a course, please cancel at least one week in advance. A store credit will be issued ONLY if you cancel at least five (5) days before the course. Cancellations less than 5 days prior to class may result in fee forfeiture. We will do our best to fill your spot, but if cannot be filled, class fees will not be reimbursed.

3. Workshops and other classes may be partially or fully non-refundable and/or require much more notice of cancellation before a credit is issued.  

Please verify that any class you wish to enroll in meets your schedule and that you're OK with the cancellation policy before enrolling.


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